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Telereal Trillium's suppliers

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As a procurer, it is our responsibility to ensure that our supply chain maintains the high standards that we set for ourselves and that our clients rightly expect. 

Supplier diversity is important to us and since 2012 we have stepped up our use of, engagement with, and support of SMEs and social enterprises. 

We have long-term relationships with our major suppliers, which allows us to gain a thorough understanding of their capabilities and in turn, our suppliers become more adaptable to the needs of our customers. The long-term nature of our relationships give our suppliers confidence that any investment in innovation or best practice will be recouped during the relationship.

A responsible procurer

We encourage our major suppliers to develop corporate responsibility strategies for their own businesses, and look to identify opportunities to work collaboratively on CR initiatives.

In 2012, Telereal Trillium signed up to the '50-in-250' campaign and became one of the first large companies to commit to using the services of at least five social enterprises. The commitment encouraged the consideration of social enterprises in procurement, providing opportunity to support social causes, whilst delivering sustainable financial performance; we  took on six social enterprises as new suppliers in the first quarter alone. 

Since 2012, we have stepped up our commitment and actively focussed on supporting wider supplier diversity in the UK by increasing our involvement in the social enterprise and SME sectors.  Our activities include holding workshops and roundtables to teach social enterprises how to access and sell to large corporates; presenting to procurement professionals to promote the social enterprise sector; being an active member of the working party that led to the ‘Buy Social Directory’, increasing the visibility of the sector and hence sales opportunities; and attending and running networking events to grow business within the social enterprise sector.

In March 2015, we were honoured to receive the ‘We Buy Social’ accreditation from Social Enterprise UK acknowledging Telereal Trillium’s commitment to socially responsible procurement.

Customer satisfaction

As a supplier to our customers, we are responsible for ensuring both ourselves and our supply chain continually meet their need. To this end, we set high targets in the areas of cleaning, security, maintenance and furniture.

Our supply chain management continues to exceed targets and is recognised by our customers, with staff members nominated and shortlisted for supplier excellence awards.

Modern Slavery Act 2015

A copy of Telereal Trillium's full statement in accordance with the requirements of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 is available here

  • ‘We Buy Social’

    accredited in 2015
  • £0.75m

    spent directly with social enterprises since 2012
  • £318m

    spent with SMEs from 2012 - 2014
  • 1,400 fruit trees

    planted in Africa from our purchases with Fruitful Office
  • 90 young people

    gained vital work experience from our purchases with Tomorrow’s People