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Case study: Telereal Trillium's charity matching scheme

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We recognise that giving is about catering to the individual and allowing each employee to engage in causes they care about in the communities around them.

To support this, we run a Give As You Earn (GAYE) scheme, which gives all employees the opportunity to donate a fixed sum every month to a charity of their choice, with money taken from their salary before tax is applied.

Our charity matching scheme also covers one-off staff donations and fundraising initiatives. All of which are matched by the company up to a maximum of £2,500 per person, per year.

In 2022, Telereal Trillium were awarded the Gold Payroll Giving Quality Mark Award, a testament to the generosity of our staff and the company's continuing efforts to promote payroll giving.

"The generosity of supporters like Telereal Trillium and its staff enables Cancer Research UK to lead the world in discovering and developing newer, kinder treatments and get closer to cures. They’re helping to fund over half of all cancer research in the UK, and they are part of the reason that we’ve been able to double survival rates in just 40 years." - Simon O’Leary, Head of Volunteer Fundraising, Cancer Research UK