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Case study: Pro bono work for Circus Eruption

  • Circus Eruption
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Circus Eruption was founded in 1991 in Swansea as the first integrated youth circus in the UK. The charity focuses on teaching new skills as a way of increasing confidence, self-esteem and inclusion.

In February 2016, Circus Eruption moved into new premises and asked for assistance in setting up the buildings heating system.

By working with CBRE, our facilities management service supplier on the DVLA estate, it was determined that more than just heating was needed in order to make the space functional and meet safety requirements.

A number of functions were carried out including servicing the main heater, electrical installations, painting, fire alarm installation and testing, new signage, replacing suspended ceiling tiles, and certifications, amongst others.

In collaboration with the CBRE site team, who gave up their time on the weekend and worked for 12 hours Saturday and Sunday unpaid, a number of other local companies also donated services and materials at either heavily discounted rates or free of charge.

It is estimated that the work provided to the charity has saved Circus Eruption c. £22,000.

For more information about Circus Eruption, please see their website,


  • c.£22,000 savings

    estimated for Circus Eruption