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Case study: DVLA Carbon Savings

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Working in collaboration with the DVLA Estates team, Telereal Trillium and our service partners have introduced a range of energy savings initiatives that have allowed DVLA to meet their annual carbon reduction target.

An initial assessment was conducted on how environmental conditions were being delivered across the DVLA estate. This analysis was followed by a trial to establish what results could be achieved by adopting an industry standard approach to energy conservation, as opposed to that detailed within the contract.

The trial involved optimising heating and cooling conditions to best suit the estate. Findings were recorded and presented to DVLA and a new long-term agreement adopted as a result.

Effective management of heating and cooling regimes, and optimisation of time schedules enabled Telereal Trillium and the DVLA to achieve a 9% reduction in carbon emissions over a one-year period.

  • 9% reduction

    in carbon emissions over 1-year
  • Annual carbon reduction target met for the DVLA