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Long term customer satisfaction

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We work with occupiers of large, complex estates and provide a broad range of services across the property lifecycle.

Our buildings accommodate one per cent of the UK workforce and our success depends on listening and responding to our customers, providing best practice levels of service, building long-term enduring partnerships, and supporting our customers' transformation objectives. By fulfilling these commitments, we allow our customers to concentrate on their core businesses, while we take responsibility for the buildings they occupy.

Customer satisfaction

Each year we measure customer satisfaction in a variety of ways, including formal customer surveys, service reviews at a senior level, and project wrap-up meetings. By drawing on these different measures, we obtain an accurate and timely picture of how happy our customers are, and can address issues more quickly.

In it for the long-term

The long-term nature of many of our contracts means that we are able to deliver large-scale projects that make a real difference to our customers, often implementing and refining them over many years. Partnering with our customers allows us to share expertise, deliver value and drive change, and this has proven essential to our business success.