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Workplace transformation report

Workplace transformation report

A recently published study conducted by ZZA Responsive User Environments and commissioned by Telereal Trillium, suggests that projects which improve workspace utilisation can also help employees to be more productive and positively influence morale.

The research draws on in-depth interviews with Telereal Trillium customers who have led workspace transformation projects, and individuals who are occupying transformed space. Customers involved in the project include Birmingham City Council, BT and DWP.

During interviews, participants were asked about the factors which influenced their satisfaction with the transformed space. Daylight, a view outside and good communal and break-out spaces featured prominently in feedback.

Commenting on the research, Sion Latter, Service Development Director, said:

“This research suggests that, when done well, workspace transformation projects can drive efficiency and deliver many more wide-ranging benefits, motivating occupiers and supporting service delivery. Furthermore, it suggests that people don’t look for gleaming office palaces, but instead value good functionality – this means optimising key aspects like occupancy levels, layout, daylight, external views, technology and way-finding.”

To read the full report, please contact ZZA>>