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Telereal Trillium throws open its doors to help boost employability skills of students

Telereal Trillium throws open its doors to help boost employability skills of students

03 December 2012

Last week, Telereal Trillium hosted a group of students aged 16 to 19 from Trafford College, Manchester, to give them a taste of working life and help boost their employability skills.

A behind-the-scenes look at how an organisation operates, the day included a workplace tour and volunteers from across the business took time out to explain Telereal Trillium’s activities and their own role within the business.

The visit was part of a day-long event, ‘A Capital Experience’, organised by business-education charity, Career Academies UK, and involving over 100 leading UK employers and around 1,300 young people.

After the visit to Telereal Trillium, the group made their way to the Royal Festival Hall, where they got the chance to network with other young people from across the country and participated in business-related activities.

Susan Cain, head of corporate responsibility, said: “In the current economic climate, when it is more competitive than ever for young people to secure jobs and youth unemployment is on the increase, it is vital that employers work closely with schools and colleges to develop a skilled and diverse future workforce.

“We hope ‘A Capital Experience’ will help these students realise that there are many career paths open to them, show them what the world of work involves and encourage them to consider a range of options when it comes to future employment.”

James McCreary, Chief Executive of Career Academies UK, said: “Never has the relationship between student and employer been so crucial. Young people have to go the extra mile, be proactive and understand the basics of business in order to get ahead. Employers have to be more forthcoming and make a greater effort to engage with, and motivate, the talent on their doorsteps.”

Telereal Trillium has been involved with the Career Academy programme for three years and provide workplace visits, one-to-one mentoring and six week paid internships to young people on the programme.

For more information on ‘A Capital Experience’ visit