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Telereal Trillium Streamlines Operating Costs with Azure

Telereal Trillium Streamlines Operating Costs with Azure

10 June 2016

Telereal Trillium is a leading UK property management and development company that own and manage a portfolio in excess of £6billion, housing approximately 1% of the UK workforce in their buildings.

During recent years, the company has been looking for a way to reduce their IT costs without compromising the agility, reliability and security that their success relies on.

Implementing Microsoft Azure has seen a dramatic reduction in operating costs for Telereal Trilllium, almost halving their IT budget. Moving to a consumption based model, with the added bonus of being able to shut down areas of the business when demand allows such as at night or at the weekend, has both streamlined the business and removed the traditional 3 year cycle of CapEx investment in servers. An additional advantage for the company in harnessing cloud computing is the ability to scale up their requirements when they make new acquisitions, matching demand immediately.

Data security was key for Telereal Trillium and featured strongly in their decision to invest in Microsoft technology and the company is confident that their data is now more secure than ever before. Migrating all their day-to-day work and data prediction centre to the cloud, plus implementing Office 365, has ensured a ‘joined-up’ approach across the entire team.

Investing in Microsoft Azure has enabled Telereal Trillium to be relieved of ongoing server maintenance, ensuring that their focus is on investing in new and innovative capabilities. They were impressed at the ease at which they were able to migrate to the cloud, that the move could be achieved to budget and are confident that they are now even better placed to continue their success at the forefront of technology innovation in the property sector. 

Telereal Trillium Streamlines Operating Costs with Azure

by Microsoft UK Enterprise Team