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Telereal Trillium completes demolition of Crown House to unlock Kidderminster town centre redevelopment opportunity

Telereal Trillium completes demolition of Crown House to unlock Kidderminster town centre redevelopment opportunity

15 April 2020

Telereal Trillium is pleased to confirm that working in partnership with Wyre Forest District Council it has completed the demolition of Crown House in Kidderminster town centre.

The demolition follows an agreement with Wyre Forest District Council that has enabled Telereal Trillium to surrender its long-term lease on Crown House and, with the consent of the Council as freeholder, take down the 1970’s eight storey concrete building. Crown House has been vacant since 2016 and has become unpopular with local residents, as an unsightly town centre landmark and obstacle to re-development and regeneration opportunities.

While the council develops proposals for the site, it looks set to be a temporary car park after planning permission was granted at the end of last year. The council is working on proposals for the site as part of its submission to Government for funding from the Future High Streets Fund Initiative. It is preparing a full business case submission for funds to develop the Crown House site, Bromsgrove Street car park area and the Former Magistrates’ Court and indoor market on Worcester Street.

Jonny Pitts, Planning and Disposals Director at Telereal Trillium said: “We are pleased to have completed this complex demolition, which concludes our leasehold liability surrender, and returned this strategic town centre site to Wyre Forest District Council ready for regeneration. We will follow the council’s plans for the site with interest and feel sure it can once again make a valuable contribution to town centre life in Kidderminster.”

Councillor Fran Oborski, Wyre Forest District Council’s Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Economic Regeneration, Planning & Capital Investment said: “We’re delighted Crown House has now been demolished. It took a number of years for the council and its formal tenant, Telereal Trillium, to reach a successful agreement to demolish the site at no cost to the tax-payer.

“We always believed that the removal of Crown House from the town centre landscape would be a major step forward and we are working hard on proposals for the redevelopment of this site. A degree of patience will be required though and it will take some time before we are able to deliver the final vision and in the meantime we want to make use of the space to help people park close to the town and easily access the shops and services that are available.”

Elford Demolition and Remediation Ltd, based in Wednesbury, was appointed by Telereal Trillium to carry out the complex process of demolishing Crown House. Crown House had been part of Kidderminster Town Centre’s landscape for the past fifty years. The whole process of the demolition has been captured in a lapse video.

Watch the demolition video here.

Kidderminster Video

Video: © Curtesy of Wyre Forest District Council