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The benefits of working with Telereal Trillium

Telereal Trillium has an enviable track record in cost reduction, value creation, risk management, capital release and business transformation.

Cost reduction

Through working with Telereal Trillium our clients have reduced their property operating costs by up to 40%. To date, we have delivered running costs savings totalling more than £450m per annum.

Value creation

Using our town planning and asset management expertise we enhance the value of assets no longer required for business operations. Since 2001, we have disposed of over 700 freehold assets and exited from over 900 leasehold liabilities. We have undertaken 950 freehold asset sales with an overall sale value exceeding £2.4bn.

Risk management

We take on the management of risks associated with leasehold liabilities, life cycle maintenance and dilapidations. We are also able to offer our clients cost certainty on facilities management and capital works.

Capital release and enabling capital

We have access to significant equity capital and the debt finance markets which allows us to acquire large property portfolios and our clients to free up capital from non-core assets. We can also provide enabling capital to support business transformation and property disposals.

Business transformation

We support our clients in transforming their businesses with the implementation of new ways of working, the rationalisation of property assets and the creation of more sustainable and productive working environments.

If you are interested in working with Telereal Trillium please Contact Us today.

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» Services

Our Services team deliver front line corporate services to customers and drive efficiency improvements by securing best value from suppliers.


Strategic Land

» Public sector land

We have the track record, skills and financial strength to accelerate the disposal of land suitable for housing supply, and stimulate economic growth.

Partnerships track record

» Partnerships track record

We work with occupiers of large, complex estates to provide strategic solutions for their property needs, facilitating business transformation and creating long-term value.