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Telereal Trillium's targets for 2016/17

Each year we set ourselves stretching corporate responsibility targets to drive positive improvements and change.

Below are our targets for 2016/17.


  • Employee Volunteering: Support local communities by encouraging staff to contribute time to volunteering. Target: 50% of staff to volunteer
  • Charities: 45% of staff to donate through payroll giving, sponsored events, one-off donations and/or fundraisers
  • Local Neighbourhoods: Promote CR initiatives in neighbourhoods


  • DWP Contract: Achieve 93% overall customer satisfaction
  • Aviva Contract: Achieve Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 57
  • DVLA Contract: Consider introduction of a customer service measure
  • BT: Our services contract with BT completed in 2016, therefore customer service measurements are no longer applicable. Our long-term property relationship with BT continues and through this, we will continue to work in collaboration with BT to identify and deliver mutually beneficial property solutions


  • Employee Engagement: New employee survey being developed which will set the baseline for measurement of employee engagement in future years
  • Health & Safety: ensure that Telereal Trillium maintains certification to OHSAS 18001 for its Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems


  • ISO 14001: Ensure that Telereal Trillium maintains certification to ISO14001 for its environmental management systems Carbon
  • Footprint: Reduce Telereal Trillium’s carbon footprint by 5% compared to 2015
  • DWP carbon dioxide emissions: Support DWP in achieving the Greening Government Target of 41% reduction in CO2 emissions in 2016/17 compared to 2009/10 baseline


  • Supplier Management: Adapt finance system to enable real-time reporting on supplier diversity and every vendor’s SME and social enterprise status categorised continued. Additionally, task to be extended to cover all Landlord and Managing Agent records in E9
  • Supplier Diversity: Seek to increase level of spend with existing Social Enterprises and pursue new opportunities with additional Social Enterprises if viable. Seek to increase the volume/range of stationery products sourced through Social Enterprises
  • Alignment: Seek opportunities for greater alignment between our own objectives and CR initiatives undertaken by our supply chain partners

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