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Case Study: Over 4,500 trees planted in Malawi, Africa with Fruitful Office

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Fruitful Office, a social enterprise supply partner of Telereal Trillium for over four years increased its service provision in 2016, delivering the supply of fresh fruit to our regional offices in Swansea and Glasgow, in addition to London Wall and Leeds.

Fruitful Office encourages organisations to promote a healthy workplace by offering fresh fruit to staff. They work with Ripple Africa, committing to planting one fruit tree in Malawi for every fruit basket that their customers consume.

The trees are grown by individual Malawian householders – 10,000 families each raise 35 trees. These families benefit from the trees to provide fruit, firewood for cooking, and in some cases, to generate income.

In 2016, Telereal Trillium’s purchases with Fruitful Office resulted in 1,785 fruit trees planted in Malawi and since joining Fruitful Office in 2011, our total contribution of fruit trees is 4,623.

In addition to supporting some of the poorest communities in the world, Fruitful Office has embarked on a new programme in the UK to ensure that any excess fruit does not go to waste. Excess fruit, be it from over ordering, corporates under usage, and pieces of fruit not meeting Fruitful Offices stringent quality controls, is now distributed to local charities, less privileged schools and some of the UK’s zoos so others can also reap the benefit of fresh fruit.

  • 1,785 fruit trees

    planted in 2016
  • 4,623 total fruit trees

    planted since 2011
  • Fruitful Office commit to planting one fruit tree in Malawi for every fruit basket that their customers consume