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Case Study: Web conferencing supports business savings

  • Web conferencing

Effective communication, collaboration and information sharing between employees, business partners, and external audiences is crucial to the functioning of any business. Web conferencing capabilities enhance organisation effectiveness and encourage environmental sustainability.

Telereal Trillium is a geographically dispersed company with 16% of employees working remotely in 2015/16. With the introduction of GoToMeeting in 2015, the business was able to make substantial savings on rail and car travel, hotel bookings, and employees’ time by replacing many face-to-face meetings with web conferencing.

In addition to cutting CO2 emissions, the direct savings in time and money amount to c. £28,000 saved per annum in travel costs and 6,360 hours a year in travel time. In total, the result is an estimated £670,000 savings in time and expenditure over the course of 2015/16.

  • £28,000 saved p.a.

    in travel costs
  • 6,360 hours a year

    saved in travel time
  • £670,000 savings

    in time and expenditure over the course of 2015/16