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Case study: Quarry House combined heat and power unit outperforms

  • Quarry House building

The combined heat and power set (CHP) installed by Telereal Trillium on behalf of the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) at Quarry House in Leeds, is delivering better energy efficiencies than expected.

The CHP installed at Quarry House in 2010 is an on-site electricity generator where waste heat is also used to supplement heating on site, providing greater fuel efficiency, as well as financial and environmental benefits.

Through our energy monitoring service, we were able to highlight to DWP the opportunity to make significant energy savings by installing the plant at the site. A business case was prepared and supported by DWP. Interest free funding was secured through Salix* and the 500kW plant was installed in 2010.

Since then, the plant has operated successfully and has generated for DWP and the Department of Health, who also occupy the building, carbon savings of 1,500 tonnes and lower energy costs totalling some £400,000 to date.

This year the performance has out-stripped the predicted savings by some 19 per cent.

*Salix Finance Ltd is an independent, not for profit company funded by The Department for Energy and Climate Change, The Welsh Assembly Government and The Scottish Government.

  • 1,500 tonnes

    in carbon savings
  • £400,000 savings

    in lower energy costs
  • 19% predicted

    performance out-stripped