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Reducing our impact on the environment

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With a portfolio of over 12,000 properties, we have a responsibility to ensure our estate looks to reduce its impact on the environment.

We have a proven track record in developing and implementing initiatives that deliver environmental and sustainability benefits, as well financial savings.

Read Telereal Trillium’s environmental policy.

Our energy and environment team,  in close liaison with our service delivery partners, continually look at ways to make our buildings greener and more energy efficient, through the reduction of carbon and through sustainability practices such as minimising consumption, recycling and protection of natural resources.

Highest standards

Telereal Trillium has been accredited to ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS) since 2004, which recognises that we adhere to the very highest standards in environmental management. We continually review our environmental systems and processes, and seek to minimise the potential for our business activities to cause harm to the environment.

We are committed to ensure that, where possible, our public sector buildings exceed the standards and targets for energy consumption set out in the government’s ‘Greening Government Targets' and continually monitor energy usage to ensure this commitment is fulfilled.

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it

Understanding energy usage is key to improving the environmental efficiency in buildings. By understanding our carbon footprint it is possible to identify inefficiency and take the steps required to manage it. Installation of smart meters (AMR) on utility supplies across our estate has made the single biggest contribution to reducing waste, by allowing better management of resources such as electricity, water and gas. On the DWP estate, we now have over 800 electricity supplies on AMR, measuring 95% of electricity consumption, and 620 gas supplies on AMR, measuring 90% of total portfolio consumption.

Spend to save

We are proactive in our approach to reducing utilities consumption and invest in and deliver a broad range of initiatives to support this goal.

Through our life cycle works, we identify systems that are reaching the end of their design life and, where possible, replace them with more efficient, modern alternatives.

We have delivered nearly £3m in projects which typically have a pay-back period of around three years, from low value high volume initiatives such as insulating valve jackets, electronic refrigeration machine controllers, tea boiler timers, automatic meter reading, lighting control and waterless urinals, to larger initiatives such as voltage optimisation and combined heat and power plant.

Reuse and recycling

We understand the importance of using resources efficiently. We apply the waste hierarchy to our operations, looking to reduce waste by firstly reducing consumption before considering reuse and recycling - with disposal being the last option. Starting with sustainable procurement, we support and deliver a variety of initiatives to encourage the reuse and recycling of projects including furniture, food, fluorescent lamps and paper. 

  • 14% reduction

    in corporate CO2 emissions in 2015

  • Working with the Department for Work and Pensions, we have developed and implemented a range of energy reduction measures. We have reduced DWPs building related carbon emissions by 30% since the 2009/2010 baseline,  compared to the ‘Greening Government Target’ of 25%.