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Case study: Tomorrow's People families project and support

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Telereal Trillium has supported Tomorrow’s People since 2010, providing £250k in funding for the ‘Getting Families Ready for Work’ pilot and programme, as well as supporting other projects across the UK.

Tomorrow’s People helps some of the UK’s most marginalised people into employment. The ‘Families Project’ was a 5-year programme focussed on researching and providing solutions to worklessness in the UK. It enabled in-depth research on inter-generational worklessness, with the findings shared with central and local Government and used in informing policy decisions.

The project achieved many positive outcomes and successful employment for individuals living in difficult circumstances. In total, the project worked with 38 families comprising of 96 people, with 75 per cent achieving positive outcomes. Forty-three people managed to gain employment and 29 started training courses.

In addition, Telereal Trillium’s funding has also helped fund Maidstone’s employment hub which has assisted 386 low level support clients, with 116 moving into employment. All 159 people who gained employment moved off work-related benefits.

Across both projects, clients further achieved soft outcomes, including increased motivation, communication skills, improved confidence and time keeping.

With the Families Project completed in 2015, Telereal Trillium is now providing funding for an Employer Engagement Adviser to establish and grow relationships with local employers, increase the number of work opportunities available to their clients, and grow the local economy.

We have also provided a wide-range of additional support, including rent-free property for their Glasgow charity shop, furniture for ‘Working It Out’ Liverpool – a project helping unemployed young people into work – as well as offered advice, promotion and use of Tomorrow’s People social enterprise, Kennington Flower Stall for our corporate flowers. Our employees have provided pro bono property advice, volunteered their time and hosted workplace visits across the UK. In 2013, Adam Dakin, Joint Managing Director of Telereal Trillium became a Trustee of the charity.

In 2014, Karl Wilkinson, Regional Contracts Director, Telereal Trillium, had the opportunity to raise money and run on behalf of Tomorrow's People. “When the opportunity came up to enter the London Marathon in support of Tomorrow’s People, I thought it was time for my next challenge. With matching from Telereal Trillium, I raised £2,920 for the charity.”

  • In 2013, Adam Dakin, Joint Managing Director of Telereal Trillium became a Trustee of the charity.

  • £250k in funding

    for the 'Getting Families Ready for Work' programme