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Case Study: DWP

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Department for Work and Pensions: Achieving efficiency with government

In 1998, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) transferred ownership and management of its estate to Telereal Trillium under a 20-year contract known as PRIME. In 2003, the PRIME contract was expanded to include an additional 1,100 properties relating to the Employment Services estate.

The implementation of the PRIME project through the partnership with Telereal Trillium has enabled DWP to be at the forefront of achieving efficiency and cost savings with government. The National Audit Office estimates that the overall PRIME contract will save the tax payer around £780 million over the life of the contracts.

Four key benefits of PRIME for DWP have been:

  • the provision of good-quality, flexible accommodation that has allowed DWP to respond effectively to external changes, such as the onset of the recession and increased demand for services;
  • the ability to vacate and stop paying for property no longer required;
  • providing a good quality accommodation/environment for staff and; customers; and
  • cost-effective facilities management, delivering value for money and ongoing savings for the taxpayer.

The modernisation and improved management of the estate under PRIME has also created considerable environmental and sustainability benefits. Since 2003, we have worked with DWP to reduce its CO2 emissions by 25.5% (66,000 tonnes).

  • 1998

    saw the start of a 20-year partnership between Telereal Trillium and DWP
  • 30%

    in savings will be achieved over the life of the contract, according to the NAO
  • 25.5%

    Reduction in CO2 emissions achieved since 2003